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Search Engine Optimization SEO for Small Businesses


I’ll teach you how to get your business website top ranked at Google!

Getting top ranked at Google isn’t really rocket-science. The challenge is knowing exactly WHAT TO DO and then, of course, DOING IT CORRECTLY.

My Small Business Do-it-yourself Search Engine Optimization training will walk you through the process step-by-step.

People are looking for your right now!

Every minute of the day there are millions of searches being performed at Google. People are looking for the products and services you offer.

They are going to find something. If they don’t see you they are going to see a competitor.

This training will help you improve your online visibility and rankings at Google which will drive more high-quality traffic to your website.

Tried already but had no success?

If you have tried doing search engine optimization (SEO) already but had little or no success you are not alone.

I’ve reviewed, downloaded, or purchased dozens of the SEO courses and I’m shocked at how they are difficult to understand. None of them are very practical and most leave you asking more questions than you started with!

SEO = More Traffic and More Inquiries

Properly done, good search engine optimization (SEO) will improve your overall online visibility. That means more high-quality traffic to your website, greater brand recognition, and more inquiries.

SEO = More Sales

When people see you top ranked at Google there is an implied “best of” factor. Of course your website needs to convert your visitors into an inquiry, but the first step is getting them there! It’s a fact, top ranked websites at Google generate more leads and sales.


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Save Thousands of Dollars

If you learn and understand the search engine optimization PROCESS, search engine optimization BEST PRACTICES, and use what you find in this course, you can save thousands of dollars compared to hiring a SEO firm. Don’t have the time? I totally understand! You can always hire me to do it for you. Click here for details and a quote.

Free Help Desk & Coaching

Save $495.00. For a limited time I am offering free coaching and free access to my Internet Marketing & SEO Help Desk. Not only will I help you with your search engine optimization, but I’ll help you get better results from your website! This offer won’t last, register today!


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Start Right Now

Register and start right now. I’ll immediately send you the first three lessons and give you a homework assignment. You will get a new assignment every week for the next several weeks. Step-by-step you will see your website get better rankngs and more visibility Google.

Save $595 Today!

Enroll today and save $100.00.

I’ll also give you six months of 1-on-1 Coaching and access to my Internet Marketing & SEO Help Desk¬†for free ($495 value).

Chris Jaeger, Your Instructor & SEO Sherpa
Small Business DIY-SEO
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